Look at the map above.... 

Right now there are only 7 streets in our HOA Jurisdiction and they are:

  • Wakefield Road (East of the bridge)
  • Wakefield Trace
  • Pennswood Road
  • Patriot Place
  • Fairfax Lane
  • Columbia Circle
  • Columbia Court

So, if you cannot see your home in the picture above, you need not be concerned with anything on this site.

If you live in the newest section and you live on any of the streets listed below:

  • Haywood Road
  • Haywood Court
  • Wakefield Road (West of the bridge)
  • Wakefield Court
  • S. Bluff Road
  • Oakhaven Drive

Your property is not governed by our HOA.
You fall under the jurisdiction of Dennison Properties, and you should contact someone in the "Model Home" for instructions on what your HOA rules and regulations are.

Did you miss the Annual Meeting?
Click on this link for the "Meeting Minutes":

2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

This web site is created for the community members of Wakefield West in Greenwood, Indiana and for visitors who would like to know about our community.

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Welcome to our
Homeowners Association


Your property value and that of your neighbors is at stake, not just from the economy but also from lack of upkeep.  Who wants to buy a beautiful home if that home is adjacent to a “Slob” for a neighbor?  Please maintain the exterior of your property according to our covenants which are located on the “About Us” tab on this website.

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